Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

The only legal operator of lotteries in Singapore, Lottery Singapore offers games such as Toto and 4D. In addition, it is the only bookmaker that offers sports betting.

Besides, it does not charge any additional taxes on its prize winners. It has a strong reputation in the gambling industry, and it is regarded as one of the best lottery operators worldwide.

Its products are affordable and exciting

There is no need for players to spend a fortune on their tickets because Singapore Pools provides some of the most affordable ones in the world. The tickets are also extremely easy to claim.

It is regulated and government-owned

The Singapore Pools state-owned company was established in 1968, and it is the only authorized lottery promoter in the country. It has a wide range of lottery products, including Toto, 4D and Singapore Sweep.

It offers a large number of jackpots

The Toto game is one of the most popular lottery games in Singapore. It has a minimum prize amount of $1,000, and it can go as high as $2.3 million.

It is a lottery that has been around for many years and it is very popular with both locals and foreigners alike. The jackpots on this game roll over for a few times before they are awarded to the lucky winner.

Besides, this game has a lot of flexibility and it can be played online as well as offline. The only downside is that you need a local IP address and an official Singapore Pools account to play it.